Service-User Forum

Chairperson’s Welcome


My name is Stephen Browne and I am the new Chairperson of the Service Users Forum. We are are a group that meet once a month to help people with their problems and make sure all is OK where they work and where they live. We also want to grow stronger and get in touch with other groups.

Thank you,
Stephen Browne.
We are a group of adults who are part of Sunbeam House Services. We meet once a month to discuss and take action on issues that are of concern to us and our fellow colleagues. These are issues that affect our daily lives. SUF Mission Statement

The SUF is a place to:

• Bring up issues about your needs or the needs of other people in Sunbeam
• Work together as a team
• Get things done
• Share information
• Build your self confidence
• Work towards positive change
• Promote good service
• Try out new roles
• Have access to support to develop your skills and your voice
• Access other groups and committees round the country
• Attend and speak at events
• Work on publications

The SUF is made up of 10 – 14 people.
This is a good size for our group and with any more it takes a long time for everyone to speak.
SUF members should represent the different units of SHS.

The group agreed a chairperson:

• Controls and runs the meeting.

• Will take charge of meeting so it runs smoothly and constructively.

• Plan the agenda with the support of Rachel and SUF members.

• Does not have more power than other members to make decisions.

• Should make sure SUF members are listened to and heard.

• Should make sure people feel safe, respected, happy.

• Will start and finish meetings on time.

• Will stick to the agenda work through the points on the agenda.

• Check the group agree with decisions.

• Make sure everyone in the group is included.

• Will encourage all members to take on work – SUF is about everyone putting work in not just chair.

• Will be assisted by a vice chairperson.

Why do senior managers attend our meetings?

1 So that we can talk to them and bring our problems/ideas

2 To listen to us

3 So that we can update them on our work and they can update us on their work

4 To take our voice and our concerns on board

5 So that we can bring issues to them for response


What do we want from meetings with senior managers?

1 To take on board our issues

2 To discuss our issues with each other so that there is follow up

3 To try to resolve our issues in a timely manner

4 To provide us with clear answers on when things can change

5 To work with us on changing things


What work do we need to do to prepare for meeting senior managers?

1 Prepare and gather information

2 Know the facts

3 Communicate with others e.g. other service users in Sunbeam

4 To prepare and work together as a group

5 To build up our negotiating skills

6 To bring in diaries/ notepads and pens so we can take notes, save dates

7 To bring in lists of ideas and suggestions and issues from our locations


How many times will we invite senior managers to our meetings?

We will invite a senior manager to every second meeting for half an hour. If an issue might take longer to discuss we can look at that.

After each meeting we would like a written response to the issues we bring up so that we can have the response for our next monthly meeting. We will keep a logged record of all the issues we raise.

At its meeting on November 13th SUF meeting the SUF members discussed how the SUF should interact with senior managers. At the SUF meeting on 12th December the policy above was agreed.


How often will we be invited by senior managers to their meetings and how much will we get involved?

At its meeting on 18th February 2016 SUF voted to request further time at SMT meetings. We are in discussion with Senior Management about what further time might look like, we think it will begin to prepare us for election on to the SHS Board of Directors.

Our video about HIQA

This is a short film of six minutes in length that members of the SUF made in 2015. 

We decided to make this film so we could learn about how people who use SHS feel about HIQA. 

We learnt a lot in the making of this film and we hope it gives the service-users perspective