Service-User Forum

Chairperson’s Welcome


My name is Stephen Browne and I am the new Chairperson of the Service Users Forum. We are are a group that meet once a month to help people with their problems and make sure all is OK where they work and where they live. We also want to grow stronger and get in touch with other groups.

Thank you,
Stephen Browne.
We are a group of adults who are part of Sunbeam House Services. We meet once a month to discuss and take action on issues that are of concern to us and our fellow colleagues. These are issues that affect our daily lives. SUF Mission Statement

Our video about HIQA

This is a short film of six minutes in length that members of the SUF made in 2015. 

We decided to make this film so we could learn about how people who use SHS feel about HIQA. 

We learnt a lot in the making of this film and we hope it gives the service-users perspective