Installation Art

Have you noticed any new faces hanging around the town of Bray lately?

A local artist has installed several pieces of art on the walls in various locations. They consist of a cast of a face which is then cemented on to a wall.
Bernie, Olga and Betty went on the hunt to find as many as they could:
“We saw the faces hanging on the walls of Bray up high. We think they were placed up high so as to be out of reach. They were hard to take photos of. Some of them appeared to be damaged like somebody took a hammer to them. We think people should put art up all the time especially in the Main Street car park as it would be nice and colourful. Hope you enjoy the pictures we took.”

Seal-ly Good Cause

After visiting the Seal sanctuary some service-users from the Garden Team felt inspired to raise some funds for this worthy cause.

They visited the sanctuary many times in the past year or so and last year they decided to have a barbecue to raise Money for the seal sanctuary. This year they had another fund-raising BBQ and it was with great joy that they presented this cheque for €64 to the seal sanctuary.
They hope to volunteer as much help as they can and to continue to forge this link with the sanctuary.

Marching Band

Very early on Saturday, September 11th Glen and his keyworker Jean left to join Glens band-mates from the Inbhear Mor marchers to go Athlone to participate in the All-Ireland and European Ranking Competition.

Glen travelled on the bus with the band and enjoyed the interaction with the band leaders Oisin and Mary amongst others.
On arriving in Athlone Glen had a very busy afternoon practicing his music in preperation for the evening competition. It kicked off at 6pm and Glen kept a close eye on the other bands and he seemed really interested in the bands from Tllaght and Clonmel in particular. Glen, supported by Mary, led the Inbhear Mor Marchers onto the field and the group received a huge applause from the spectators once their piece was finished. Glen was delighted with the response from the crowd.
All Glens hard work and regular attendance at weekly practice had paid off and all that was left to do was to retire to the hotel and grab a well-earned ice-cream.

Culture Night 2010

Over 1,000 people attended Leinster House for Culture Night 2010. Entertainment was provided by ‘Ireland Unlimited’ the sensational all-female Barbershop Chorus. Our very own Ruth Corbett and Noeleen Chow are members of this group who have appeared in many competitions and on television.

Amazon by Lyn Kirby

Lyn Kirby is a unit manager in Arklow who recently went to the Peruvian Amazon. She went as part of a medical team to look after the needs of the local villagers who are poor and don’t have a lot.

It cost Lyn a lot to volunteer; she had to buy her own tickets amongst other things. She is already saving to return there next year. I think you will agree she has a kind heart.

Lyn is deathly afraid of spiders so it was an astonishing feat that she touched a tarantula. The guys on board the boat told her it was dead but when they threw it into the water Lyn noticed it moving its legs and swimming!

Youtube Video of the Month – Lego World Cup

Tune in the end of every month to check out the most watched Youtube videos. Videos are constantly ‘going viral’, meaning they spread like a virus. Here is your feed to the hottest clips online right now. This is Sunbeam News’ answer to ‘Casual Friday’.

Girls Go Pop Magazine

Cathy, Nicola, Tara and Ailbhe, a bunch of friends from Arklow, were unhappy with the types of magazine in the shops.

So, they decided to make their own. The girls did a great job.
You can find the magazine on the downloads page of the Sunbeam website.

JFK Junior Fellowship Programme 2010-2012

Congratulations to staff member Eoin Buckley (CSW Applewood & 3A Vevay Rd) on his recent success in securing one of the three fellowship awards available for support staff working in the Intellectual Disability Sector in Ireland.

The fellowship awards come from the City University of New York and were negotiated for Ireland through the Skill Programme ( The Skill Programme was established to enable opportunities for support staff in the health services to return to learning or upskill.

A total of 9 awards were made available – 3 for Intellectual Disability services, 3 for Acute Hospitals, 2 for Older People Services and 1 for Mental Health Services.

Eoin had to complete a formal application and interview process. In addition to a monetary award, the award also provides a mentoring programme.. This is a great achievement for Eoin and we wish him every success in his studies. Well Done!

“This won’t hurt a bit!…..” – Dennis Taylor

Recently, two of the snooker worlds greatest ever players came to town……..Wicklow town. They played a match and entertained the crowd with trick-shots and bad jokes (if Steve Davis is his usual self). Some of the guys from Rosanna made it to the match and met the legends.

Mock Wedding for Charity

Earlier in the Summer a group of staff from Arklow decided to raise some cash for charity.
They staged a mock wedding which paraded through the streets of Arklow collecting money. The video tells it all, really.

Sunbeam lobby the Government

In an initiative prompted by Bray partnership, Sunbeam House Services have joined forces with other community groups to lobby local politicians for the swift passing into law of the Mental Capacity bill.

The bill was introduced to the Oireachtas in September 2008 and two years later has still not been passed. Mental capacity legislation is imperative to secure the rights of vulnerable people.

East Coast Radio featuring Sunbeam

Here is a ten minute audio clip of some of the guys on the radio discussing the Disability Awareness project. Aired in August 2010. Well worth a listen.

Woof Woof

The ‘Name John Hannigans Dog’ competition is over and I can confirm that his name is Dixie.

Not an easy one to guess by any means. Nevertheless, it was in a good cause and nearly €110 were raised for Childline.

Summer Break

A gang from the Training Service in Bray went to Galway on holiday for 4 days and stayed in Galway Rasstena Blue and Spa Hotel earlier this Summer.

Louisa remembers – “We went to the town and we went shopping we went to night club called ‘Cuba’. We had Lunch out to the Court House Hotel on the 2nd Day. We had an Italian dinner out one night down the town the 2nd night and went to the hot tub and the cussede and the swimming pool and I shared a room with some of my friends.”

Competition: Name John Hannigans Dog!

Exactly what it says on the tin…
It’s one Euro per guess and in aid of Childline. It is a male dog. Forms and donation box at reception, Killarney Road. Special prize for the winner.
My money’s on it being ‘ the-puppy-formerly-known-as-Prince’.

Alex Picasso

Alexandra is a fantastic artist in our midst. Her paintings are hanging in many of our units and have a very unique and colourful style to them. She uses mostly a special type of felt marker for the majority of her work. She spends a lot of time painting both at home and elsewhere. If you would like an Alexandra original hanging on your wall contact Eolas for further details.