Art Exhibition in Google Dublin 2017

On Friday the 27th of November until 10th November four SHS artists have their work installed in Google’s reception in Grand Canal Dock as part of disability awareness week. Artist’s Tom, Emma, Nicola and Patrick’s vibrant, individual styles and mediums certainly advocate their talent exceptionally well to the 6,000 employees working in Google’s offices.

Thanks to Stephen Lehane who co-ordinated the exhibition within Google, the work was installed in a beautifully bright and accessible location which can also be viewed from the street. Tom, Emma, Nicola and Patrick went to Google to see their art work on Friday the 3rd of November. Stephen and Anna treated us to VIP treatment; a tour of the exhibition space, a free pizza lunch in the forest themed office and goodie bags for everyone.

Different Strokes Exhibition

At their opening Night Tuesday 26th september were particpating artist’s: Emma Reynolds, Mary Nolan, Emma Kinsella, Tom Lawler, Shirley Johnson, Martin O’Brien, Laura Cooper, Rachel Langrell, Nicola Riley.

Different Strokes exhibition showcased a group of talented artist’s who work with a unique approach to their chosen media which range from, painting in gouache, inks, embroidery, wet feltmaking, print and ceramics. This was an exhibition full of colour, texture and of course talent.


Some of the guys went to Wexford Oyster Lane Theatre’s production of Footloose the Musical on Wednesday night. The service-users were invited onstage afterwards to meet the full cast.

The Bridgewater Sunbeam 40th Anniversary Celebrations

Bridgewater Staff and Clients enjoyed the Birthday Bash of Sunbeam’s 40th Year.  The excitement was sizzling as we all celebrated in style with a lovely roast dinner at The Arklow Bay Hotel.  We remembered 1977, some may not have been born at that stage and some chatted about their growing up from their childhood days.  We sang a Happy Birthday to Sunbeam on its 40 Year anniversary with some cream sponge cake and cups of tea and coffee or a few pints for the lads too.  It was nice to all be together as the clients have gone through many milestones with many changes happening down through the years.  We put our feet up and relaxed on the day; clinking a few glasses, on autumnal celebrations for Sunbeam.


Recently we were contacted by two young research students from the   School of Engineering research at  TCD.  Robbie  Fryers and Talita Saad have invented an app to support people  to travel independently.   They wanted our help to trial and pilot the app.    It consists of a smart phone and an  Family, carers etc can programme specific  routes and directions to locations.  The carer/family member can follow the progress of the wearer,  whilst the wearer can follow the directions on the watch which vibrates when it is time to turn corners and cross roads etc.  The invention is still being tweeked and updated but Talita and Robbie hope to  get funding to mass produce the app.

Both Tomas and Neill  are former students of TCD as they completed a two year course at the Irish Centre for Disability studies.

Tomas and Neill  are extremely tech savvy and their input and feedback on this project was very useful for the researchers.  They will be helping out on other aspects of the project in the future.     This app will greatly benefit anyone who has difficulty with map reading orientation and navigating their way to specific places.   Look out for the app  it is called A Way to B which hopefully will be launched in the near future.

Travels with Tomas

tomasMy name is Tomas, I am 49 years of age. I have always loved travelling.  I have a keen interest in air planes and air travel ever since my older brother Andrew had a pilots licence.  When I was about 14 he used to take me on flights in a Tampico plane.  A Tampico is a single engine air craft.  I have great memories of flying over the City of Dublin.

I have travelled to many different parts of the world. Including East Asia,  the USA and Europe.  I have learned a lot from my travels including geography and different cultures.

These are just some of the countries I have been to and some of the airlines.

  • Denmark: Scandinavian Airlines.
  • Poland 11 times: Ryan Air
  • France 3 times: City Jet
  • Spain 3 times:  Ryan Air
  • Italy : Aer Lingus
  • Hungary: Malev Airlines
  • Florida: 3 times  Aer Lingus
  • Canary Islands 3 times: Ryan Air
  • Japan: KLM airlines

My brother works in Kuala Lumpur .  Kuala Lumpur is in Malaysia some time in the future I would like to visit him there.

It is 14 hours and 30 minutes from Dublin.

Plough About That Part 2

A great day was had by David, Brian, Alan and Paul at the National Ploughing Championships 2017. Some of the highlights being the brand new Range Rovers, the new born piglets, checking out the tractors, seeing Michael D. Higgins, meeting Jackie Tyrrell and getting lots of freebies to take home!

Plough About That?

Patrick, Killian, Martin and Pat attended the ploughing Championship in Tullamore Co Offaly on the 29/09/17 where they got to meet President Michael D Higgins, Ex Ireland rugby international player Shane Byrne. All had a most enjoyable day.

Picture us – Exhibition

This exhibition is the culmination of an art collaboration project with Bri Nua, Sunbeam House Services Arklow and St. Mary’s College Arklow. Student’s from Bri Nua, and St. Mary’s College worked together to develop ideas and artworks based on the theme of their identity within the community.

A total of 15 students took part in this project and are displaying work in this exhibition. The workshops provided a space for students to enjoy the process of getting to know each other and share their individual artistic skills with each other. A variety of media is used in the various artworks, including cloth, paint, wood and wool.

The exhibition opening will be held on Wednesday the 26th April from 6 o’clock to 8 o’clock.

The exhibition will then be open to the public from Tuesday the 25th April and will run for just over 2 weeks.

High Intensity Training in Arklow

Each Tuesday morning Andrew, Leonard, Dave, Robert, Selina, Stephen and Róisín go to the Forge Fitness gym in Arklow for their HIIT (High-intensity interval training) session, with their instructor Anna.
The guys get to ‘work’ the punchbags and sparring gear, do circuit training as well as have a tug-o-war competition which can get fiercely competitive!
This is the second week in and the guys all seem to be really enjoying the new exercise session, thanks to our instructor Anna.

Martin O’Brien’s Exhibition

Conor, Martin and Maria.

From left: Johnny, Charlotte, Robert, Martin, Amanda, Tina, Rosie, Sineadand Helen.

Martin and Stephen.

Martin O’Brien with some of his gouache paintings at the opening of his solo show in the Arklow gallery on Monday the 13th of March 2017. Martin has been painting for over two years and has recently begun printing, three of his prints can be seen behind his group of supporters who came to congratulate Martin on his exhibition.

Actually Films


Filmmaker Dave Thomas from Actually Films has just launched a campaign to raise funds for his film Aretha – a short film about a young girl with Down Syndrome.A disability activist for many years, Dave hopes to challenge perceptions of the norm with this inspiring film but he needs your help! You can pledge here to help the campaign-


Here are some pictures of the launch of the video the guys from Eolas and the Cube made for a research in Trinity College. The name of the research is TILDA, that is the Irish longitudinal study on ageing for people with intellectual disabilities.

They participated in making a video about healthy eating. The idea is to show the data collected in a easy way to understand. So this follow the idea of nothing about them, without them. They received certificates and an outstanding award for acting!

The guys involved are Thomas Gilbert, Amy Quinn, Derri Keating, Niall Flynn and Daniel Ryan.