Pottering Around

Martin doing some pottery work  making some lovely birds, swans and ducks.

Gluten Free Cooking

Gluten Free Cooking here in the Cube. Ciara showing the finished dish !! Fat Free and Gluten free cheese cake. Matthew showing his gluten free bread he made Yum Yum !!’

Where’s the Cue Ball Going?

What a great start to our week here in the Cube. A trip to our local Community Centre for Snooker and a chat !! Siobhan

Trip to Albufeira, Portugal

What a trip we had on the 25th of April with the scorching skies and the glassy blue sea of the coastline of the Algarve at the small town of Albufeira. David, Michael, Alan and Fergal went on a sun holiday with the staff Caroline and Audrey of The Garden Team/Bridgewater.  We had a nice time staying at the self-catering …

Ambassador – The Truffles are Really Spoiling Us!

So the Brazilian Ambassador has just been to a a very interesting question time and presentation with us. There were some great art and craft projects created. Also some excellent authentic Brazilian food including homemade truffles!