A Cut Too Far

Since 2008 funding for Intellectual Disability Services has been reduced by 15%. In 2012, the needs of over 650 children who graduated from our schools, and also the support needs of people requiring emergency residential placements, were met without any additional funding. In managing the cuts so far our aim has been the protection of frontline services. Another cut will make this impossible. Another cut in 2013 …

Musical Statues

Our recent art project gave life to 3 wonderful sculptures. Their tenure at our Arklow Main St. gallery is coming to a close. If you have any idea where they should reside why not email michael.kirwan@sunbeam.ie and tell him your idea.


Here are 2 interesting articles from the Pos’Abilty website, a very interesting read and one to bookmark or follow on Twitter. http://posabilitymagazine.co.uk/2012/11/22/arts-project-aims-to-challenge-stereotypes-of-disabled-people/ http://posabilitymagazine.co.uk/2012/11/21/enrico-dandolo-and-the-way-history-overlooks-disability/#more-21884

Nature Path Build Video

Hostelworld come once again to Sunbeam, this time to help us build a fantastic nature path in Ballyraine Arklow that is wheelchair friendly. There are several stations to stop along the route with areas fit for classes or group sessions or just simply taking a breather. Thanks go to Difference Days and the Courtyard Studio.

Arklow Gallery Opening Times

The Arklow Gallery; SHS’ new gallery on the main street of Arklow (opposite Bank of Ireland) Opening Times  November  Tuesday 27th                       10am – 2pm Wednesday 28th                  10am – 2pm Thursday 29th                      10am – 2pm and Friday 30th                          10am – 3pm  Our …

November’s March

Lets hope the government hears the voice of the thousands of protesters who turned up and of the many thousands more that they represented. Fair play to everyone who made it into Dublin.

National Disability Rights Demonstration

The National Disability Rights Demonstration will take place on November 21st and is calling for implementation of Disability Promises in 2011 Programme for Government. Here is a link to those promises!

Dell Volunteers

Dell staff volunteers visited the Training Centre(Bray) in October . Some exercised their green fingers with gardening out the back, while others broke a sweat on the basketball court before retiring indoors for a more relaxed game of bocce.

Arklow Gallery Opening Night

John Hannigan addressing the gathering Bernie – Look out behind you! Pablo, Sally and Michael Kathy and her Dad It was a great night; there was a lovely atmosphere. It was the opening night of Sunbeam’s new gallery space on Arklow Main Street and the culmination of the Pablo art project on which so many people worked very hard. The …

Guide Dogs Association

 Dorothy Scanlan is trying to raise money for the guide dogs association, a worthy cause which she has long championed.They are for sale at  the SHS, Bray reception or at Ballyraine Garden Centre. Calendar for sale in aid of the Irish guide dogs – €8.00 Christmas cards for sale in aid of the irish guide dogs – €6 a packet or €10 for …

Christmas Shoebox Appeal

The Team Hope Shoe Box Appeal and Cathy Macken from Ballyraine are organising the ChristmasShoe Box presents. Please donate a present for those children from needy and war torn countries.Just wrap a shoe box in Christmas paper and inside place presents for a specific age and label it for aboy or girl. Items needed – cuddly toy, woolly hats, gloves, …