International Disability Film Festival

Sunbeam Media has entered the OskaBright film festival for people with disabilities In Brighton, England. We entered our film on voting entitled ‘Your Power, Your Vote’ which was also featured on TV3 during the election campaign. Fingers crossed we make it through to the final stages of the Festival, which takes place this November, 2011. Another well done to all …

George’s Art

Check out Georgina from Sunbeams eggcelent Easter artwork which is featured on the Inclusion Ireland website at the moment. What an arty month this is turning out to be!

Art Exhibition, Bray

During the whole month of May there will be an exhibition of works by the prolific artists of the Dargle Community Base held in the Bray library on the Eglington Rd in Bray town. The pieces are a mixture of acrylic, water colour and oil pastels and are all for sale.

Free Concert Online – a Message From Figurenotes

Figurenotes is a fantastic method of teaching music using colours and shapes. The method has proven very succesful since our Finnish friends came here to train us in it’s use. They have just sent us a message about an upcoming concert… “Join us online! Monday 16th of May at 18.00 C.E.T. Enjoy the free unique RESONAARI concert webcast from Savoy …

A few words from Denise

I like doing OCR courses because I find them easy to do. They are interesting and there are lots of different courses you can do. I like OCR because I like to keep busy and I like using my literacy and computer skills. I love getting a certificate when I am finished. It makes me feel proud. When I started …


A great day out for Evelyn, Helen and Natasha as they cruised the Liffey on the Liffey Tourboat.

Rock Climbing

The Training Services Sports Dept. rocked Dalkey Quarry yesterday, climbing some of the toughest cliffs on offer. Anne-Marie and her team with the help of Bray Youth Service conquered the mighty bluffs. Photos:T.O’Brien

Arklow Group Create Great Films Using Magnets

Andrew Manson is a local artist from Arklow who worked with us for six weeks as a part of a postgraduate course for the National College of Art and Design. Andrew brought his ‘art ambulance’ which he uses as a mobile art studio to our BrÍ Nua centre. Andrew designed a magnet art project which he has used with other …

Video:- Snowbeam, Adventures in Wonderland and Bray Lions Club kindly sponsored a ski trip to Austria for a few of the lads from Sunbeam. It was a very generous thing to do, you’ll agree. It was one of our service-user’s dreams for the past 8 years to ski on real snow and it has finally come true!