White Christmas

It’s a white Christmas at Ballyraine Garden Centre on the Vale Road in Arklow. Despite this frosty looking photo, the Garden Centre is a great place to find some last minute pressies. Plants, art and much more. Thanks K.H. for the photo. If you see something interesting in the community, take a pic and send it to brian.manning@sunbeam.ie

Kris Kindle

Pictured is John Hannigan, M.D. during the exchange of Christmas presents at Killarney Road. It was the biggest Kris Kindle I have ever seen. It looked like 50 people. He appears happy with what he got. Somebody better remind him to take the hat and tie off before that important meeting he has this afternoon!

New community website

Bray Area Partnership have launched a new website. It is meant to be a one-stop-shop for disability information in Bray. It is called www.disabilitybray.ie For links to this new website and many more like it click HERE for the Sunbeam.ie community links page.

Sunbeam is on Youtube!

If you haven’t guessed, we now have a Youtube channel. Click here to see it. There’s at least 6 or 7 videos already up and ready for you to view. More to come all the time.

Video – Community Connections

Here is a video from 2009 we made called ‘Community Connections’. It details the different connections that Sunbeam, it’s service-users and staff have within our local communities. Enjoy.

Video – Use Plain English!

Check out Sunbeam Media’s latest offering. It is a short video about why it is beneficial to use Plain English, especially in the workplace. The reason being;It is inclusive to more people at different levels of literacy. The video is light-hearted but has many interesting facts about literacy that you need to know. Thanks to all the staff and service-users …

Staff Forum 2010

Pictured is John Hannigan, Managing Director of Sunbeam, during one of his talks to staff in the Royal Hotel, Bray. John gave 12 talks in total in various locations throughout Wicklow to the staff of Sunbeam. These talks were prompted by the uncertain times we find ourselves in and the need for people’s voices to be heard and their questions …

A Message From Quiz the Dog.

Hi Guys, I have to pose in this silly hat just to let you know I have lovely Christmas cards and calendars from the Irish Guide Dogs on sale here in Ballyraine Garden Centre. 8 Christmas cards and envelopes – €6.00 Calendar – €8.00 You can order them from my secretary and owner, Dorothy at 0402 32656. Cheers, Quiz. Guide …